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Liberace mansion is glittery piece of Las Vegas history – Video and article.

Businessman invests millions to restore Liberace’s mansion – The hints that Liberace once owned the place aren’t exactly subtle.

The Liberace Mansion Makes History – The Now Report.

Liberace Mansion Opens Doors to Fans – See what has been done and pictures of the newly re-opened  Liberace Mansion:

Why the Mansion is back in the Spotlight – Find out more of the history of the mansion and its path to receiving Clark County’s first Historical Designation for a private home.

Preview: Legendary Liberace Mansion set to reopen in Las Vegas – See this detailed article by Robin Leach discussing Martyn Ravenhill ‘s purchase and restoration efforts of The Liberace Mansion.

Lavish Las Vegas Liberace Mansion opens the doors for a private fan tour – Learn details about a private tour as reported by one of the first.

Bringing music back to Liberace mansion – Martyn Ravenhill buys the mansion to save it.