Restoration and the Mansion Today

When Martyn Ravenhill purchased The Liberace Mansion through foreclosure sale in 2013 for $500,000, it was in bad shape. Walls were cracking. Sink holes undermined its foundation. It was under disrepair.

Despite all of the structural issues, cracks and dust, it offered glimpses of its former grandeur. There was its grandiose staircase, mirrored hallway and the name Liberace sketched into a mirrored bar. A mural of the Sistine Chapel on the ceiling of its master suite was intact.

Ravenhill looked at the home and took the restoration challenge head-on. After first digging up the floor of the master suite wing to repair its foundation, he focused on other areas. Walls. Roofs. Windows. Flooring. Chandeliers. Just about everything.
The Liberace Mansion gained Historic Landmark designation from the Clark County Commissioners.

Thanks to these efforts – which are continuing – The Liberace Mansion has regained some of its luster, shine and luxury as when Liberace had called it home.

Among the mansion’s many unique architectural features areits:

  • Entry door that once greeted guests at the New York governor’s mansion;
  • Front living room surrounded by decoratively etched mirrors in the style of Aubrey Beardsley;
  • 21 chandeliers;
  • Decorative mirrored bar with etchings of Liberace’s name and music notes;
  • Eight marble pillars imported from Greece;
  • Staircase imported from a can-can bar in Paris;
  • “Hall of mirrors” lit by ornamental sconces;
  • Master bedroom featuring a ceiling mural depicting the Sistine Chapel and painted by a descendant of Michelangelo;
  • Master bathroom that features a ceiling mural of Liberace’s face and cherubs, a marble tub with 14-carat gold swan fixtures, and a decorative fountain;
  • Second-floor atrium called the “Moroccan Room” for its Tangier-inspired design and imported copper tiles; and
  • Memorabilia, pictures and items once owned by Liberace placed throughout.

The mansion is a private residence and not open to the public. However, private tours and private events may be arranged by clicking here or emailing